The nature of contemporary personal computer communications on bulletin board systems (BBS) is discussed briefly, and a national BBS is proposed to enhance professional communications between persons and associations interested in sales. Also reviewed are several communications programs and operating systems appropriate for BBS use, along with opportunities to apply computer communications to the sales field. There are a number of functions on the standard BBS that could be used by the marketing and sales discipline. For example, bulletins might be used as a special notice to augment dated information, and the BBS offers the advantage of making conferences possible using the bulletin board format. There are only minor disadvantages to the BBS concept; for example, the initial cost of subscribing to a host commercial BBS service is high. Criteria that should be used in selecting the BBS include ease of access and availability of baud rates. It is proposed that the suggested national BBS be sponsored by Pi Sigma Epsilon and the Direct Selling Education Foundation.

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