In Japan, nonstore retailing consists mainly of 3 categories: catalog sales (mail order), door-to-door selling, and online shopping. The retail revolution is being driven by 2 forces: 1. technology, which is automating store management and opening up new marketing channels, and 2. the breakdown of the mass consumer society, which is creating new heterogeneous consumer groupings. In the financial year 1985, the total size of Japanese nonstore retail sector reached nearly Y3 trillion. Manufacturers that have been losing their influence within the distribution industry can now use nonstore retailing channels to reestablish their influence and, in some instances, bypass the retailer. Several large trucking firms have capitalized on their strengths of nationwide delivery networks and online data processing facilities to diversify into door-to-door selling and mail order. Large-store groups, such as Tokyu and Seibu, also are diversifying into nonretailing activities and developing new service channels.

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