Lately, feminine entrepreneurship has become a more and more interesting topic for academic, business and at the same time, the political world. This topic has been interesting, on the one hand due to a general interest in entrepreneurship – where woman play an important post – and, on the other hand, admitting the fact that new days, women have a great influence an development of national economy all over the world, creating jobs, wealth and welfare. In our paper present a ethical and successful feminine entrepreneurship also business based on the principles of Christian ethics, respective “Mary Kay Cosmetics”. We try to debate the ethical caryatides of this business. Also, We try to argue the readers, you, of Mary Kay Ash belief, that the slogan “Business is Business” is a cold, selfish and arrogant slogan, and the other hand more truly is Rockefeller’s statement “More than anything else, I value the ability to deal with people”.

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