The concepts of salespeople motivation, including direct sellers’ motivation, have been analyzed in the present article. Direct selling companies provide job opportunities for individuals with a wide range of backgrounds and characteristics. The flexibility of direct selling jobs and their easy accessibility can make these positions attractive to people with a wide range of work motivations. Thus, some of them might take on direct selling job to earn income, while others might view it as a means for building self-esteem, making friends, substantiating one’s entrepreneurial skills, or simply learning about the business world. In turn, people with different work motivation might seek different kinds of reward as work outcomes. An incomeseeker might differ considerably from a friendship-seeker in terms of a job effort, sales productivity, and, ultimately, in the contribution to achieving the goals and objectives of a direct selling company as a business organization. The goal of the current article is to disclose theoretical and practical factors of the personal motivation of direct sellers. Research results have revealed that there are different identifiable kinds of work motivation, which describe why people become involved in direct selling. Five resulting factors have been named, specifically, 1) autonomy, 2) social recognition and organizational identification, 3) personal fulfillment and professional challenges, 4) income and carrier growth, 5) management consideration and support.

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